Redbridge international School Reviews Benefits of IGCSE Curriculum


If you are planning to select IGCSE curriculum for your kid then first thing to do will be to know how this curriculum will be beneficial for your child. We will review all the features of IGCSE curriculum in this school review.

Features of IGCSE Curriculum

Developed 25 years back, it is a trusted curriculum for schools around the world. The good thing about this curriculum is that it focuses on developing communication skills, problem solving and investigative skills as well as cognitive ability in kids.

Another important aspect of IGCSE curriculum is that it offers more than seventy subjects that students can choose from. As per Redbridge International school reviews, students should pursue IGCSE curriculum since it works as a foundation for courses at the higher level such as IB diploma, A and AS levels and the qualification is also recognized by well-known institutions like Universities and Colleges Admission Service – UK.

Benefits of IGCSE Curriculum

It has gained recognition from colleges and universities all around the world.

According to Redbridge Academy reviews, it offers greater study options and career choices.

Cambridge Check Point is a type of diagnostic service that students can opt for when they are studying IGCSE course. As per Redbridge International Academy Bangalore, the benefit of this service is that students can utilize the service to select the right subjects as well as level of study. In addition, students can also sit for the examination as per discretion instead of the pre-decided examination schedule.


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