Redbridge International Academy (Reviews) Curriculums & Their Differences


Redbridge International Academy reviews show that ICSE schools in Bangalore tend to be better compared to CBSE schools. Our aim here will be to explore the reasons for the same.

Comparison of ICSE and Other Curriculums by Redbridge International Academy Bangalore

Holistic Development of Students

You may be aware of the fact that examinations for ICSE are held for tenth grade and after finishing their twelfth grade they need to pass the Indian School Certificate examination.

The advantage of ICSE schools in Bangalore over CBSE schools is that syllabus covered by ICSE curriculum is more detailed than what is followed by the CBSE board. Additionally, ICSE course pays attention to overall development of pupils.

Due to this reason a higher percentage of international schools in Bangalore include ICSE curriculum instead of the CBSE curriculum.

Focus on English Language

Redbridge International Academy reviews show that kids following ICSE curriculum generally strong grasp over the language.

The primary reason for the same is ICSE curriculum that has literature and grammar as different subjects. Moreover, students have to pass the examination for both the literature and grammar part.

Emphasis on Concepts

According to Redbridge International Academy, IGCSE schools in Bangalore are also the preferred choice since this curriculum focuses on improving concepts with a properly structured syllabus that helps in proper development of kids.


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